Marked For Life

Marked For Life 16: Born to Expire

January 31, 2023 Episode 16
Marked For Life
Marked For Life 16: Born to Expire
Show Notes

The return of hardcore radio. Sick shit only. 12 bands, 12 songs. 
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Warning: Intro talks about the loss of a friend, skip to 11:48 to skip the intro 


1. Peace Test—Slow Brain
2. Live It Down—Kill Chain 
3. Bad Image—Energy  
4. End It—New Wage Slavery 
5. Béton Armé—L'union fait la force  
6. REQUEST: Demand—Unload/Dispose 
7. Kharma—Jester 
8. XL Life—Noise  
9. Axe Rash—False Pictures 
10. REQUEST: Feels Like Heaven—Bright Angel Trail 
11. Torment—Torment 
12. Terror—On The Verge of Violence 

Bonus Tracks:

13. Eaten Alive—Product of Pain off our 2017 full length “Masterpiece of Ignorance” written mostly by the illustrious Max Moya (guitar) – rest in ignorance Max we all miss you 
14. Leeway—Mark of the Squealer off “Born to Expire"

Thanks to Tom from Axe to Grind for giving feedback on the intro, it was hard to talk about something that is so personal and emotional. Thanks to you all for listening too and sending love to everyone who's lost a close friend. 

Cover made by me in approximately 30 seconds while the audio uploaded