Marked For Life

Marked For Life 17: Cupid Wins

February 14, 2023 Episode 17
Marked For Life
Marked For Life 17: Cupid Wins
Show Notes

The return of hardcore radio. Sick shit only. 15 bands, 15 songs. 

Montreal Madhouse Fest chat w/ Tony of the MTLHC Collective @ the end of the episode. Montreal Madhouse is happening this weekend the Feb 17/18

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1. WORLD PREMIERE: Faim – Boys Will Be Boys 
2. Conservative Military Image—Mob Handed Dominance
3. Syndrome 81—Vivre et Mourir
4. Pest Control—Masquerade Party
5. Puffer—Suffering
6. Echo Chamber—Escape from Freedom
7. Warthog—Brainwasher
8. SPACED—Tear it Apart
9. Fiddlehead—Loverman (REQUEST)
11. Simulakra—Fading Away
12. Parasitic Twins—Dog Sewer (REQUEST)
13. Final Gasp—Homebound
14. L.I.B.—Ringer (BONUS TRACK)
15. Forgive—To Be

Cover collage photo credits: Puffer—Hamza Themonko (@hamzathemonko),COCKRING—@hatepasted, SPACED—@smgviews