Marked For Life

Marked For Life 12

August 17, 2021 Marked For Life Episode 12
Marked For Life
Marked For Life 12
Show Notes

The return of hardcore radio. Sick shit only. 12 bands, 12 songs. 

Scene report: FT Worth, Texas from Ozone 
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1. REQUEST... kind of: Vanguard—To Suffer  
2. School Drugs—Plastic Promise  
3. Fantasy World—Fantasy World 
4. End Game—Playin’ for Keeps 
5. Living in Fear—The Level Six Dimension 
6. REQUEST: Close Combat—Intro/Watching you from the Dirt 
7. Only the Last Song—Set on Fire 
8. Newaza—Warriors up Front 
9. Change—Still 
10. Iced—I Claimed My Body 
11. Exterminating Angel—Torche the Western Earth 
12. Diztort—Survival  

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