Marked For Life

Marked For Life 13 (DOUBLE PREMIERE!)

September 13, 2021 Episode 13
Marked For Life
Marked For Life 13 (DOUBLE PREMIERE!)
Show Notes

The return of hardcore radio. Sick shit only. 12 bands, 12 songs. 

Scene report: Sydney, Australia from Jem and Josh of the Forge Ahead Podcast and SPEED
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1. WORLD PREMIERE: Black My Heart – Step Up 
2. WORLD PREMIERE: Final Rite – The Truth 
4. Never Again—Dead Wrong 
3. Mutant Strain – PILL 
5. REQUEST: Foreign Pain—…On Failure 
6. Bent Blue—Influence Me 
7. Provoke—Prison Strike 
8. Unity TX –Walk With Me 
9. Chubby and the Gang—Pressure 
10. REQUEST: Enervate—No Time Left 
11. Burning Lord—Warlock’s Revenge 
12. Blood Sermon—Funeral Clown 

Sorry for early episode issues if you listened in the early morning when this was first put up!