Marked For Life

Marked For Life 14 - SICKEST SHIT OF 2021

December 31, 2021 Episode 14
Marked For Life
Marked For Life 14 - SICKEST SHIT OF 2021
Show Notes

The return of hardcore radio. Sick shit only... and this time... THE SICKEST SHIT OF 2021!! XL episode, 25 tracks!

Demo tracks, EP track, Full lengths - hyped shit, new shit, alllllll the best shit. Going in depth and hearing from some bands along the way.
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Spy pic on cover by @step2vic


1. Crush the Demoniac- Infinite Wisdom 
2. Circus—Chucklehead Shiv (Honk Honk)  
3. War Crimez—War 
4. Bust—It’s Not Right 
5. All Due Respect—Delusion of Knowledge 
6. The Pack—Hunting Season 
7. D Bloc—The Fixer   
8. Spy—Exceptional American 
9. Move—Freedom Dreams 
10. Dead Heat—Age of DH                                                                                                                      
11. Regional Justice Center—…and Punishment 
12. The Chisel—Retaliation  
13. Worn—Human Work 
14. Gel—Violent Closure 
15. MH Chaos—Genocide  
16. Ingrown—Shell  
17. Ekulu—Unscrew My Head 
18. C4—Force Fed 
19. Whispers—Morbid Vision 
20. Scowl—Dead to Me 
21.  Kpax!—Žvaka 
22. God’s Hate—Be Harder  
23. REQUEST: Golpe—Non Piegarti 
24. Candy Apple—Blood Song 
25. Mourning—Wall of Grief